Operational Strength

We own private de-bagging equipment for cementitious materials. Our capabilities in high-rise pumping with state-of-the-art equipment is complemented by a highly-competent teamwork.
With every project, we strive to raise the quality bar, providing value-added technical support and consultation expertise. We are proficient in mass concreting placement and we deliver on time. For easy cement transportation and security, we have our own fleet of cement bulk trailers.
Our difference is defined by committed work approach and quality backed by a huge storage capacity to house Cementitious and Aggregate materials for continuous, uninterrupted supply for two months.

Logistic Capacity

Washed Sand
Stand-By Silos of Cement
300,000 Tons
150,000 Tons
10,000 Tons
25,000 Tons
10,000 Tons
10,000 Tons

Key Achievements

Total Concrete Produced
Highest Monthly Production
Highest Weekly Production
7,000,000 m3
130,000 m3
35,000 m3