Environment Policy

The management of UNITED READYMIX is committed both individually and collectively to adopt and promote environmental best practices in all its operations and at the same time requires the same commitment from business partners that are employed on each project.
To achieve this commitment, our goal is to implement an Environmental Management System in line with the requirements of ISO 14001, to comply with applicable legal, statutory and other requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the system through regular reviews and enhancement.
Specifically, UNITED READYMIX will:
  • Seek to minimize the adverse environmental impacts of all activities through environment friendly approach and prevention of pollution
  • Make efficient use of natural resources, including energy & materials
  • Operate effective arrangements for the reduction, reuse, recycling, safe storage and disposal of waste
  • Work in partnership with clients and business partners to promote effective environmental supply management to help support UNITED READYMIX policy and reduce pollution
  • Facilitate the effective implementation of any environmental policies and procedures by providing appropriate information training and tools to achieve our environmental goal.
This policy shall be communicated throughout the entire organization work force and we shall ensure the availability of adequate resources for its implementation.

Green Concrete

The use of supplementary cementitious materials i.e., Ground Granulated Blast- Furnace Slag (GGBFS) and Fly Ash helps reduce the detrimental impact of the carbon footprint on the environment.
Excess concrete is being recycled and beneficially re-used as sub-base materials. Water is being recycled & reused in cleaning the mixers trucks, static pumps and placing booms. All our Silos contain filters that are beneficial for environmental purposes.


The Management of UNITED READYMIX is committed to achieving and maintaining a high level of health and safety at work, complying with all relevant legislation and is continuously seeking to improve the management of this important aspect in our operations. We will strive to provide an effective management containment and prevention from Health and Safety risks at all work places (plant, sites) where UNITED READYMIX staff and business partners are working.
Our goal is to implement and maintain a Health and Safety Management System (as a part of UNITED READYMIX Integrated Management System) that meet the requirements of OHSAS 18001, legal and other statutory regulations. We shall also focus on:
  • Preventing injury and ill health in all work environments
  • Assigning clear management responsibilities
  • Planning safety activities and setting clear objectives
  • Assessing and regularly reviewing risks in advance of any significant personal exposure
  • Eliminating risks by implementing appropriate and effective control measures
  • Appointing suitable competent personnel to complete the job
  • Providing appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision to our teams
  • Regularly reviewing and monitoring our health and safety management and performance by learning from experience and best practices
  • Providing suitable occupational health support and, where necessary, health surveillance
  • Promulgating best practice by receiving from sites and liaising with other organizations
  • Providing and maintaining effective routes of consultation and open channels for communication with our employees and others who are affected by this policy
  • Cooperating and coordinating health and safety activities with other employees who share the same workplace
  • Providing necessary tools to perform safely.
We ensure the availability of adequate resources for the implementation of this policy. This policy will be communicated throughout the entire organization work force and kept up to date in line with any significant changes to legislation and operational conditions.